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Students and Alumni Stories

Our students and alumni talk about their experience in the program and how it has affected their lives.

"I chose Bay Path's MSA program because it demonstrated a distinct interest in helping students succeed through small classes and one-on-one attention. I also found the accelerated schedule attractive in terms of career growth and the chance for an immediate return on my educational investment. I really needed the flexibility of timing in the online courses. This allowed me to fit the rest of my life in (and sleep!) more readily.  I had several classmates that really reached out and connected with me in a positive way, which I really appreciated. Even though I only met one of my professors in person, I felt like there was a clear open door policy throughout the program. No question was too small, if I was willing to ask, they were willing to answer."
- SerahRose Bissell G'17 | MS in Accounting
Owner, Aerialist Accounting; Co-owner, Amherst Archery Academy

"This program will definitely help with my career goals as the courses are an excellent foundation of information that I will use in my future career as a public accountant. Also, the program has been excellent in supplying us with resources and additional information regarding the field of accounting. Currently I am not working as I chose to focus on school and spending time with my boys before returning to the workforce. However, I have been offered and have accepted an offer to work for Ernst & Young (EY) as a full-time staff accountant beginning in the Fall of 2019. My professor and advisor Kara Stevens emailed our class with the opportunity to send in our resume to apply for this position with EY and am grateful she did as I would not have known about the opportunity otherwise."
-Stephanie Sameisky-Eason G'19 | MS in Accounting
Staff Accountant, Ernst & Young