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The Path Forward

Applied Laboratory Science & Operations

Blended Courses (Online/On Campus) Longmeadow, Mass.

Drive Science, By Leading Change.

Enrolling Now, Classes Begin September 7, 2021

Careers in laboratory science are constantly changing with new technologies and techniques. However, one thing remains unchanged - successful careers in clinical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and academic laboratories require fluency with instrumentation and the ability to interpret and analyze the data that it generates.

Students pursuing more traditional STEM Master of Science degrees are often narrowly trained in a single discipline, while students with a Professional Science Master degree sometimes lack broad scientific training. Bay Path’s Master of Science (MS) in Applied Laboratory Science & Operations program bridges that divide.

Graduates of the MS is Applied Laboratory Science & Operations program will be broadly trained in the following areas:
          • Recombinant DNA applications
          • Analytical chemistry methodologies
          • Microscopy (light, polarized and confocal)
          • Statistical approaches to data analysis
          • Quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC)
          • Project management
          • Regulatory compliance

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