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Counseling Foundations

Make a profound difference in the lives of others. Advance your career in mental health with the major in Counseling Foundations.

Why Counseling Foundations at The American Women’s College?

Understanding the human mind and human behavior is vital for exploring, evaluating and solving today’s social concerns.

Bay Path’s major in Counseling Foundations exposes you to the latest theories and research through relevant, high-quality courses. It is an unconventional program that can be completed entirely online through The American Women’s College.

As a student in the program, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of human motivation, cognition, and perception, as well as an appreciation for the mind-body connection.
  • Explore advanced mental health theories and behavioral research methods.
  • Analyze, design, implement and evaluate problems and solutions related to human behavior and interaction, counseling foundations, legal and ethical concerns, intervention and assessment, and human dynamics.
  • Understand how to recognize normal physical, social, cognitive and moral development, as well as identify the etiology of abnormal development.
  • Learn how to prepare manuscripts and/or research projects using the APA writing format.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the variety of treatments available for psychological disorders.
  • Apply skills learned in the classroom and fieldwork experience to communicate a personal philosophy and value system appropriate to a career in psychology.

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