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Psychology - Main Campus

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Psychology program at Bay Path is designed to prepare students for employment in a wide variety of settings as well as to position students for further study at the graduate level.

The major in Psychology provides students with a well-rounded education for thinking critically about human behavior and thought processes, and by promoting an understanding of the relationship among theories, observations, and conclusions.

Students learn the stages of development throughout the lifespan, theories for understanding personality and social behaviors, how the brain functions, mental illness, interviewing and counseling skills, and how cultural influences shape identity. 

Our program follows the learning objectives and guidelines from the American Psychological Association. Bay Path values experiential learning, and requires an internship during senior year, in which students can apply the theories and communication skills learned in class to an actual setting. Students will gain valuable experience at various sites including: mental health agencies, residential-treatment programs, community centers, women's shelters, and many more.

My professors have a variety of different approaches on how to teach, which has pushed me to acquire new study habits and experiment with various ways of learning. My piece of advice to prospective students: take advantage of every opportunity that is offered to you, even if it looks like hard work. Ultimately, it will pay off in the long run!" - Kenna, Psychology Major