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Students and Alumni Stories

Our students and alumni talk about their experience in the program and how it has affected their lives.

"I would tell a student looking to do the program, if you are thinking about it, do it, it was the easiest decision of my life and I am glad that I will be an OTR with a Masters degree. Bay Path’s faculty are knowledgeable professionals who truly care about your successful completion of the program while maintaining our own personal health and relationships." - Alyssa Boutillier G'21

"This program provides fantastic support to its students who are trying to reach their career goals. All the professors are great, they are willing to help out a student every time students need help." - Jeremy Hou G'20

"This program has helped me with my career goals because I will be eligible for a higher paying position upon graduation and certification. A part of the program that has really resonated with me is that I have really enjoyed the online classes and the strong learning opportunities. The weekend component has helped me to learn more about my classmates in conjunction with the online learning. I have felt a sense of camaraderie with them." Heidi Roynestad G'20

"I chose Bay Path’s program because of the flexibility. An aspect of this program that has really resonated with me is the support system of peers and faculty is very unique.
My classmates were amazing support. We studied, brain stormed, and consoled each other constantly. I would tell a student looking to do the program that it was a phenomenal experience, no regrets! Intense but stimulating!"  - Sabrina Rizzo G'18

"I chose this program because it is one of the few programs that offer PTA transition to OT. Also, it is a great opportunity for me to continue my education/ obtain a masters degree and grow professionally. Bay Path has excellent professors who encourage, support and make themselves available for conference whenever you need them either by an office visit, phone, text or even google hangout." - Ucelta MacLorrain G'18

"I chose this program at Bay Path University because it was on the weekend, it gave me the flexibility to work and go to school at the same time. The program helped me achieved by career goal of transitioning from PTA to OT." Carl Belgarde G'18

"This program will help me gain experience in different areas of occupational therapy, and I can become a services provider for the department of education. My career goal is to specialize in the field of pediatrics." - Natalie Crichlow G'18