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Learning Facilities & Technology

The Philip H. Ryan Health Science Center feature state-of-the-art lab spaces and technology designed for hands-on learning.

Lab and Learning Spaces 

The Ryan Center has four lab spaces specifically designed for each major OT discipline.

Physical Disabilities Lab
Specifically designed to give students an opportunity to apply what they learn in class, this lab features everything needed to work on modality evaluations, splinting exercises and ultrasound.


 Psychosocial Lab
Mental health is an important part of OT, in this lab space students get hands-on experience with cognitive function tests and mental health assessments. 


Pediatrics Lab
Filled with colorful toys, crafting supplies and suspension equipment, the pediatrics lab is ideal for learning about sensory integration evaluations and techniques for treatment.


Geriatrics Lab
This lab is designed to give students a dedicated space for hands-on experience with special equipment like a fully-functioning hospital bed, that they may encounter while working with elderly patients.


Model Apartment 
Unique to Bay Path, our model apartment is specially designed to give OT students real-world experience. Many occupational therapists work within a client’s home so there’s no better way to learn than in our model apartment. This room has been designed with the intent for students to get experience with floor transitions from carpet to tile and different furniture styles, like firm or soft couches, chairs, or recliners. Students also are exposed to working appliances including a top and front loading washer and dryer. The apartment also includes a full bathroom where students can learn to use specialized equipment and how to identify hazards and risks in a client’s home. One wall in the room contains a 2 way mirror allowing students to observe actual clients from the community to assist in the learning process. This gives students an unobstructed view of the assessments and exercises being practiced while making the client feel more comfortable. Clients from the community are informed that there is a class observing for educational purpose.

Other spaces available to students in the facility include:

Multipurpose Classroom  - Used for a variety of things including study space, classroom space, student events, special lectures and group study.

Collaborative Classroom - Designed for optimal academic group work setting. Used for presentations with 2 projector screens and air technology.

Resource Room - This room is considered an MOT student’s mini library. It holds every text and material a student needs in order to complete the program. 

Classroom Technology

All classrooms at the Health Science Center are equipped with state of the art technology. Each room is furnished with a podium-supported computer, mounted computerized projectors, drop drown screens and voice amplification when needed