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Student Learning Outcomes

The following educational outcomes reflect the expectations of the Department of Occupational Therapy for students who have completed the advanced level of occupational therapy. Graduates will:

  • Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of the OT process through development of a client-centered occupational profile to determine interventions based on client needs and adapt and or modify the occupation, environment, and outcomes communicated through skilled documentation.
  • Graduates will integrate models of practice, frames of reference, and theory into client-centered treatment plans to address occupational limitations through the use of meaningful occupations to meet established goals of a specific population.
  • Graduates will articulate the importance of cultural humility, problem solving, professional reasoning and uphold professional standards and responsibilities to promote ethical practice appropriate to the role of the occupational therapist while advocating for the profession and client.
  • Graduates exemplify competence in effective communication of occupational therapy services (written, virtual, and verbal) with the interdisciplinary team, client, family, and third-party payers.
  • Graduates will establish a sense of personal awareness through the reflection of professional experiences and develop the skills of a lifelong learner, change maker, leader, and administrator.
  • Graduates will evaluate, acquire, and interpret qualitative and quantitative data from scholarly research to select and implement evidence-informed assessment and intervention strategies, in order to effectively analyze, evaluate, develop, and report scholarly work.