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Q & A with Dr. Cheryl Boucakis

Program Coordinator Dr. Cheryl Boucakis, OTD, OTR/L, has been passionate about occupational therapy since high school when she discovered the field at a Bay Path open house and shadowed an OT therapist in home- and school-based pediatrics. During the past 11 years as a clinical therapist, she has focused on improving the quality of life of older adults through innovative protocols for preventing falls and for caring for those with dementia. By balancing teaching with per diem OT work at a local skilled nursing facility, Dr. Boucakis is able to share with Bay Path students the most current clinical practices and real-world challenges of providing client-centered care in today’s healthcare system. Outside the University, Dr. Boucakis enjoys being outdoors with her family, gardening, hiking, and crafting.

What do you love about Occupational Therapy?

I wanted a profession that would challenge me daily and a profession where I could make a difference. OT is that profession!

What’s the value of a Master of Occupational Therapy degree?

Occupational therapists enjoy not only great job satisfaction but also great opportunity, security, and compensation! The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites:

  • 12% job growth from 2022 to 2032 (compared to the average of 3%).
  • $96,370 median salary in 2023.

Why choose Bay Path for graduate work in Occupational Therapy?

  • For our 2-track system that allows students to enter the program with either a bachelor’s degree or an associate’s degree.
  • For our hybrid format of online and onsite classes that may allow students to continue working as occupational or physical therapy assistants.
  • For our exceptional fieldwork placements that allow students to put theory into practice.
  • For our close-knit community developed virtually and onsite -- a peer support system that develops into lifelong friendships and professional relationships.
  • For our dedicated faculty who provide consistent feedback and facilitate growth.