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Student Stories

Our students and alumni talk about their experience in the program and how it has affected their lives.

I have loved everything about my experience here at Bay Path from the moment I started. I love the people, the administration, and even the campus itself. It just feels like home and if I had to do it all over again, I would. That is exactly why I jumped at the chance to stay here for my master's degree. Bay Path is a great school with great people who are always willing to go above and beyond. One of the greatest moments in my time here that I will always remember is when the president of Bay Path, Dr. Carol Leary herself, came in to one of my classes just to talk to us and get some feedback about our experience as students of Bay Path. She was so kind and offered lots of good advice that I will never forget. I know that Bay Path was the right choice for me. I am absolutely delighted that this master's program is now offered and that I was able to stay right here.” 

Sarah Amaral, ‘13, G'19
Current Grad Student

I teach children that face many challenges. Some of my students have failed in every other educational setting, and it can be very intense. So when selecting a master’s program, I was looking for something that wasn’t just a rubber stamp on my resume. I wanted to be challenged. I wanted a program that would reinforce what I’ve learned from years in the classroom, expose me to new ways of thinking, and give me the language I needed to articulate my unconventional teaching methods.

Bay Path’s program did that for me. I was surprised and impressed by the curriculum, and by the quality of the online discussions between both students and faculty. It was a good and humbling reminder that I’m not done learning, and I’ll never be done learning. I’m a more compassionate teacher when I have my own homework, and more understanding and reflective when I’m going through what my students are going through. 

Elizabeth Irving, G'16

I liked the one-on-one attention and personal connection you get from and with professors and classmates, which is one reason I continued my education here for my Master's program. I also like the accessibility and convenience of all the online courses and weekend courses.”

Ashlee Viens, ‘13
Current Grad Student