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Graduate College
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Stefan Magel G’18

Master of Science in Applied Data Science

Data is everywhere, and with an MS in Applied Data Science, my technical and diverse skills are in demand across industries.

After an 18-year equity trading career, I was neither happy with the direction of the trading landscape, nor the opportunity for growth provided by my specific role. I wanted to pursue a new challenge—one that was not necessarily industry dependent, and would offer me options and room to advance further. Making a mid-career shift such as this can be an uncomfortable exercise full of sacrifice and adjustment, so I wanted to be certain that this was, for me, a once-in- a-lifetime change. That’s why I decided to enroll in Bay Path’s MS in Applied Data Science program.

You might wonder: why applied data science?

All you need to do is pick up a newspaper or turn on the news to see that data is everywhere. A wide variety of industries are looking to harness the power of this expanding and increasingly available commodity. However, a problem that organizations are facing is knowing exactly what to do with all of that information. We know that an extraordinary amount of data is right at our fingertips, and have a reasonable idea of the power that it holds. But what’s been a bit slow to develop is exactly how data analytics can inform business decisions. Some industries are further along than others on this curve, but most still have a long way to go.

The ‘applied’ piece of the program of it is what truly appealed to me and what differentiates Bay Path’s program from many others. As the data industry develops, there will be an increasing demand for those with the ability to play the role of ‘translator’ between the pure data scientists and the industry practitioners who use these models to make major decisions for their organizations. This program allows for the development and application of that skill set as well as the technical component of data science and data analytics.

The MS in Applied Data Science program at Bay Path showed me it’s never too late to learn how I can thrive in my career and in my life. It put me in front of evolving opportunities and allowed me to establish important skill sets that are in demand across industries. The flexibility of the online courses has been a huge benefit, and I’ve enjoyed learning on ground as well. The program allowed me to interact with students and professors with diverse backgrounds in the field, and experience how to approach problems collaboratively. I’m grateful for the role Bay Path has played, and will continue to play, in helping me build on applied skills sets in an incredibly important and constantly expanding field. 

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