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Academic Program Evaluation Certificate

The Academic Program Evaluation and Management (APEM) Certificate

This first-of-its-kind certificate program is designed for higher-education leaders involved in decisions to start, stop, sustain, or grow academic programs. It is appropriate for senior administrators, academic leaders, faculty, researchers, consultants, assessment officers, and graduate students in higher education. It should also be useful for state-level leaders who oversee higher education.

Course Objective:

Give higher-education leaders, decision-makers, and analysts an understanding of the data, systems, processes, and participants needed to make well-informed and broadly-supported program decisions consistent with an institution’s mission, academic standards, markets, and program economics.

Participants will learn:

  • You will learn concepts, information, and tasks needed to make data-informed program decisions.
  • You will learn to complete an academic portfolio evaluation, including finding, analyzing, and synthesizing relevant data and evaluation criteria.
  • You will grasp the keys to effective decision-making processes for current and new programs.
  • You will learn the mechanics of Integrated Program Analysis, program evaluation software, program portfolio workshops, and the overall art and science of academic entrepreneurship.

Registration and Cost:

The all-inclusive, non-refundable certificate fee is $900, which is due upon registration. Fee is non-refundable

Upon completing the ten modules, participants will receive a certificate in Academic Program Evaluation and Management (APEM). 

Course FAQ

  • Non-credit, self-paced, fully online course
  • You can register and start the course at any time
  • The fee is non-refundable, books are included with the fee
  • Upon registration, students will receive a notification with further instructions along with Bay Path and Gray Decision Intelligence credentials that will be used to access the course and complete the coursework.

light house with the words Gray Decision IntelligenceThis certificate is co-sponsored by Gray Decision Intelligence and The Center for Higher Education Leadership and Innovative Practice (CHELIP) at Bay Path University.