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Center of Excellence for Women in STEM (CEWS)

Gain the support, knowledge and strategic skills you need to achieve your full potential as a student, professional and leader in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

CEWS is a unique resource for women pursuing a career in STEM fields.

This progressive Center of Excellence was created in response to the overwhelming need for education, advanced training and continued support for women who are beginning or advancing careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

While great strides have been made, women today still face significant challenges as they pursue STEM careers.

  • Just 26% of STEM workers are female. Of those, only 26% are minorities
  • Only three out of 12 women who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field still work in STEM 10 years after graduation2
  • Women hold nearly half of all the jobs in the U.S., yet only hold 25% of all jobs in STEM
  • For every dollar a man with a career in STEM makes, a woman makes only .86 cents4

Bay Path University is committed to altering the STEM landscape through the Center of Excellence for Women in STEM.

The University’s strong STEM program, historic commitment to the education of women, and an ideal location within the Knowledge Corridor make Bay Path the perfect location for an unrivaled STEM initiative.

Through CEWS, women gain the exceptional education and leadership skills needed to establish and grow successful, lifelong STEM careers.

CEWS gives Bay Path students access to:

  • Cutting-edge technology and curriculum
  • Professional development, mentorship and networking opportunities with women leaders in STEM
  • The Women in STEM Honors Program (WISH), through which students pursue an integrated and advanced course of study and engage in collaborative research projects
  • Internships in the After-School STEM Enrichment Program and STEM summer camps with local elementary school students
  • Guest speakers, workshops and forums that support and expand on students’ in-classroom education
  • The Stern Scholars Program, which provides an additional opportunity for Honors Science majors and WISH students to participate in real-life research projects

CEWS also supports the broader community of women in STEM throughout the Knowledge Corridor by providing unique opportunities for skill development, mentorship and support. All women in STEM have access to:

  • Seminars and forums focused on topics related to STEM and women in STEM
  • The opportunity to participate in the “Share Your Story” series
  • Mentorship opportunities with other women in the sciences
  • Networking opportunities
  • Research collaborations