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Writing Associates Program

The writing associates program seeks to improve and challenge the notion of writing at Bay Path University by positioning writing Associates as knowledgeable mentors who can guide student writers through every stage of the writing process while fostering their confidence and self-reflexivity as writers.

Writing associates accomplish their work through individualized writing appointments with students, classroom based writing assistance, leading workshops on topics related to writing, and by serving in the community based writing initiatives.

Writing Associates Selection Process

Writing associates are selected once a year. Students may be nominated by professors or apply on their own. Nominated students will receive notification and be asked to apply for the position.

Applicants must submit:
  • An application
  • A paper written for class
  • One-page cover letter
  • Two letters for recommendation

Applications are due by April 1. If you are selected for an interview you will be notified by April 7 and interviews will be conducted between April 14 – 25. You will be notified of final decisions before pre-enrollment for the Fall semester.