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Academic Learners & Leaders Initiative (ALLI)

Connect your path between high school and college.

The transition from high school to college can be challenging. Bay Path understands this. Start your first semester and first college-level math course confident with improved problem-solving and analytical skills. Our uniquely designed three and one-half weeks’ residential program bridges the gap between high school and college. Through academic coursework, engagement activities, and the opportunity to build relationships with students, faculty and staff, our incoming students are better prepared to begin their college journey. 

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ALLI gave me a better vision of how I want to make my first year at Bay Path successful.”

Social Activities & Engagement:

ALLI students engage in exciting, meaningful, and fun activities that allow them to develop relationships with new friends. During the week, students participate in scavenger hunts, yoga, nature walks, karaoke, Paint Nite, and Movie Night. On weekends, students are provided with transportation for planned visits to local attractions, restaurants, and shops such as Six Flags, escape rooms, and bowling. 

A Peer Mentor, an ALLI graduate, helps to facilitate enrichment activities and provide ALLI students with friendly and knowledgeable guidance.


Completing the ALLI math course strengthens students’ skills and promotes confidence in their abilities. Students are often able to bypass Fundamentals of Math (the University’s developmental math course) and begin Bay Path in the first math course required by their major. ALLI also offers incoming first-year students a smoother transition into college by providing instruction in writing, educational technology, self-regulation and time management, and other skills that are essential to success in college.

I feel better about math than I ever felt before. I’m more confident in approaching math problems.”

Campus Resources:

Being aware of Campus Resources is an indicator of future student success. Afternoon programming focuses on workshops, classes, tours, and meet-and-greets that allow ALLI students to develop contacts with faculty and staff, as well as learn something interesting about themselves.

Program Highlights:

  • The ALLI program is free and participants receive a stipend after successful completion. Students are eligible to apply to the program after acceptance and deposit to Bay Path.
  • Challenging and rigorous schedule to mirror a day-in-the-life of a college student, including enrichment activities and homework.
  • Workshops on educational tools such as the campus technology, MyMathLab, ePortfolio, and the University’s course management system (Canvas).
  • Introductions to campus resources (Career Services, Multicultural Affairs, Health and Wellness, Advising, Hatch Learning Commons).
  • Wellness activities including fitness, yoga, stress management, and meditation.
  • Saturday off-campus community service and team building activities.

Without ALLI, I wouldn’t have placed into a higher math course…It gave me a jump-start on my next four years here at Bay Path.”