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Courses for First Year Students Only

First year students at Bay Path University are required to take at least two foundational courses to continue their learning from high school and better prepare them for the rigors of upper-level study.

First Year students must take:

ENG 114: Critical Reading and Response (Recommended in 1st semester, fall)
This course introduces the integration of communication skills essential for effective reading, writing, speaking, and listening at the college level. In this writing intensive course, students develop composition skills to produce collegiate-level papers modeling rhetorical modes and thematic content. In addition, they sharpen strategies for reading complex texts; research skills for locating 160 and evaluating information and incorporating it into written work; presentation skills for verbal summaries of readings and response writings, and peer review of papers; and basic technological skills for word processing, e-mail, and introductory-level research.

ENG 124: Research and Writing in the Disciplines (Recommended in 2nd semester, spring)
In this course, readings from a variety of disciplines will provide students with strategies to communicate in the sciences; business and technology; liberal studies, and the social sciences. Research and documentation skills appropriate to the disciplines are stressed. In addition to leading students through the research process from start to finish, this course will examine the many ramifications of academic honesty.
Prerequisite: ENG 114

Transfer Students:

Credits for writing courses at other colleges/universities may be counted toward the writing requirements at Bay Path University. Students should discuss the transfer of credits with their advisors to determine the Bay Path University courses that should be taken.