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Alumni Association Council

Our Mission: To continuously build and strengthen the Bay Path University alumni community.

Meet the Council

The Alumni Association Council oversees efforts to continuously build and strengthen the Bay Path University Alumni Community through the creation and implementation of programs, events, and alumni engagement opportunities.

Lynn Pellerano ’11 G’13, PresidentLynn Pellerano ’11 G’13



Nepko Brown G'08Nekpo Brown G'08




Dawn Bryden '05 G'07Dawn Bryden ’05 G’07




Josie Camerota '06Josie Camerota '06



 Sarah Chadwick G'01 G'16
Sarah Chadwick G'01 G'16




Michelle Smith Cotto '03Michelle Smith Cotto '03

Nicole DiCaprio '05


Nicole DiCaprio ’05 




Jessica Fraga ’05 G’09

Maria Furlow '10 G'12Maria Furlow ’10 G’12




Jen Kubala-Horn '00

Jess​ica​ Roncarati-Howe G'09

Thea Katsounakis '70Thea Katsounakis ’70 




Lindsie Lavin '10Lindsie Lavin '10




Raquel Lee '15

Ann Moulton '87 '09

Norma Nunnally '01

Barbara O'Connor '67Barbara O'Connor '67




Stephanie O’Leary ’05 G'16 G'17Stephanie O’Leary '05 G'16 G'17




Gillian Palmer G'11Gillian Palmer G'11




Courtney Phillips '06

Lynn Brooks Polaski '88 G'10

Evelyn Riffenburg G'13

Alison Schoen '15Alison Schoen '15




Courtney Whalen '00 G'09Courtney Whalen '00 G'09




Adam Zinkievich G'12