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Residential College WELL Program

Our We Empower Learners and Leaders (WELL) Program gives you the confidence you need to succeed and helps you find your purpose, passion, and path to the future. 

WELL touches every piece of your Bay Path journey. Here's how:


The academic component of WELL, formed by four credit-bearing classes, ensures that you will have the knowledge you need to be a successful learner and leader.

Through a series of experiences both on campus and off, WELL provides you with the framework you need to develop your own leadership identity and potential.

Our learning commons gives you access to comprehensive support systems that will help ensure your success in WELL.

WELL provides you with a team of advisors: faculty advisor, major advisor, peer mentor, and career coach.

WELL is a common intellectual experience that is engaged by our entire Bay Path community. Regardless of where you are on your WELL journey, you will have someone to share it with.

You will have numerous opportunities to earn recognition for your achievements in WELL.

WELL seamlessly integrates personal, professional, and academic learning experiences that enable you to thrive at Bay Path and prepare you for a constantly changing world.

WELL Program Courses:

Have you ever thought about what your career aspirations are and the confidence you will need to get there? What communication and leadership skills do you bring to the table? These are some things you will learn about in your 4 WELL courses. You will be engaged in self-exploration that will be mapped to educational, career and life planning. Confidence building begins here as you define your personal brand and story, hone your leadership skills, and learn how to effect community-based change.