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Q & A with Dr. Beverly St. Pierre

Program Director Dr. Beverly St. Pierre, OTD, OTR/L, brings to Bay Path both clinical expertise and first-hand experience juggling student and professional life. She is a graduate of Bay Path’s bachelor-to-master OT program, having completed the accelerated degree sequence while balancing her role as a wife and mother. After completing her entry-level OT education and experience in the clinic, St. Pierre earned her post-professional doctoral degree while working as a full-time occupational therapist. St. Pierre considers herself a true generalist in practice, having OT experience across the lifespan in various settings. Beyond Bay Path, she enjoys being with her family, reading about OT developments, and exploring the skills that make students successful, including mindfulness, leadership, and creativity.

What do you love about Occupational Therapy?

There is nothing better than helping people engage in and enjoy life. Occupational therapists have a distinct skill set in problem-solving, motivating, and supporting people to do the things they need and want to do.

What’s the value of an entry-level degree in Occupational Therapy?

  • Career satisfaction: OT is a very rewarding career, as we have the opportunity to impact people and communities in positive ways. OT also is ranked among one of the top most satisfying jobs.
  • Job opportunity: The profession of OT is growing. Clinicians are bringing their skills to new settings to solve problems in practice areas they are passionate about serving.
  • Versatility: OT graduates are prepared to work with clients across the lifespan and are equipped to work in any practice setting. As a clinician’s career advances, they are able to change practice settings or work with different clientele across the lifespan without needing to return to higher education for an additional formal degree.

Why choose Bay Path for graduate work in Occupational Therapy?

  • For our accelerated bachelor’s-to-master’s program that allows students to earn a BA and MOT in just 5 years.
  • For our accelerated master’s program that offers 85 credits, including fieldwork, that is completed in 23 months.
  • For the student support, including peer tutors, lab assistants, open labs, faculty office hours, and professional writing tutors.
  • For the close-knit community of students working with the same small peer group (cohort) within the program. Students attend classes, support one other, and become friends and professional colleagues. Faculty stay close, too. We call it our “OT family,” and always consider ourselves a resource for students while they are in the program or in practice.