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Occupational Therapy Fieldwork

Supervised fieldwork experiences provide students with an opportunity to apply theory and clinical reasoning skills to the assessment and treatment of people with disabilities in a variety of settings. It is designed to provide an in-depth experience in delivering OT services to clients, focusing on purposeful and meaningful occupation. The goal of Level II fieldwork is to develop competent, entry-level occupational therapy generalists.

  • Gain exposure to individuals across the life span, in a variety of settings such as pediatric outpatient clinics, school systems, skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, adult outpatient clinics, and community based practices
  • Promotes clinical reasoning and reflective practice to transmit the values and beliefs that enable ethical practice
  • Develops professionalism and competence as career responsibilities
  • Arranged and coordinated by the academic fieldwork coordinator according to the requirements of the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education (ACOTE) for the American Occupation Therapy Association (AOTA)
  • Students may complete fieldwork experiences at locations throughout the US.  The fieldwork department has a large database of affiliation agreements.  All sites BPU has an agreement with meet the ACOTE accreditation standards

Our Fieldwork Team - Listing and Contacts

Community Based Practices
The OT fieldwork department has established 4 community based practices.  Occupational therapists, employed by Bay Path University, oversee these programs at sites in both CT and MA.  The occupational therapists supervise  BPU OT students for Level II fieldwork.  The community based practice occupational therapists are:
Nancy Clark, OTR
Community-based practice, clinical instructor, Opportunity Works CT
Alexis Ferioli Morin, MOT, OTR
Enfield Holistic Occupational Therapy, Region 1
Amy Kingsbury, OTR
Enfield Holistic Occupational Therapy, Region 2
Felicia Kroll, MS, OTR
Play Matters, locations in CT and MA
Melanie Morrison Riddle, MS, OTR
Opportunity Works, Vernon, CT 
All services offered at the community based sites are provided by a licensed occupational therapist and/or Bay Path University occupational therapy students under the supervision of the licensed occupational therapist.