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Q & A with Dr. Julie Watson

Program Coordinator Dr. Julie Watson, PhD, OTR/L, also serves as the Scholarly Mentor for the Brooks Institute of Higher Learning Occupational Therapy Neurologic Residency Program and as the North East Florida Regional Representative for the Florida Occupational Therapy Association. To her students at Bay Path, she brings 16 years of clinical OT experience with pediatric, adult, and geriatric populations in outpatient and home health settings, as well as research on the impact of caregiving on health and well being. Outside Bay Path, Dr. Watson enjoys traveling with her family and playing beach volleyball.

What do you love about Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapists use the power of everyday activities to transform lives in many settings as clinicians, educators, managers, and leaders. The power of occupational therapy and the diversity of its opportunities keep me excited about the profession!

What’s the value of an Occupational Therapy Doctorate?

Job Growth!

  • The occupational therapy profession offers opportunities to grow into new areas, such as health promotion and prevention, to expand services for older adults and autism spectrum disorders populations, and to reaffirm OT’s role in mental health.
  • There is currently an urgent need for faculty in education programs for entry-level occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants -- an exciting opportunity for experienced occupational therapists.
  • There are also growing leadership and advocacy opportunities in many settings, from the school system, to clinics, to colleges and universities.

Why choose Bay Path for graduate work in Occupational Therapy?

  • For our curriculum, which focuses on areas emphasized by the American Occupational Therapy Association Vision 2025, such as leadership and advocacy, evidence-based practice, occupation, and ethics.
  • For our specialty tracks (Administration, Advanced General Practice, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Education, Mental Health), with interprofessional courses offered by experts in the field.
  • For our fully online program designed for busy professionals.
  • For smaller classes, greater faculty interaction, better online support, and greater flexibility than other online programs – all designed to help students reach their educational goals.
  • For our collaborative and supportive network made possible by Bay Path’s myriad online technology.