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Student Learning Outcomes

The following educational outcomes reflect the expectations of the Department of Occupational Therapy for students who have completed the post-professional OTD.  Students are expected to:

  • Demonstrate advanced reasoning and critical thinking related to occupational therapy theory, models of practice, and evidence-based evaluations/interventions;
  • Value the occupational core of the profession and the profession’s focus on occupational performance outcomes for those receiving OT services;
  • Be critical consumers of and contributors to research generated within and outside the discipline of OT;
  • Advocate for, and actively promote, occupational therapy and the clients/consumers served;
  • Demonstrate leadership behaviors that impact occupational therapy programs and services;
  • Understand the importance of being a lifelong learner that is committed to updating their knowledge;
  • Continue to uphold the ethical standards, values, and attitudes of the occupational therapy profession;
  • Successfully complete a specialty track within the OTD curriculum (administration, education, mental health); and
  • Add to the knowledge base of the profession through completion of a scholarly doctoral project.