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Leadership & Negotiation

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Enrolling Now, Classes Begin March 2, 2020

Upcoming Prospective Student Events:
Online Info Session | April 27 | 12 P.M.
graduate Open house | april 28 | 5:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Upcoming Hot Topics in Leadership & Negotiation:
• Where, Beyond Politics, Can We Look for Leadership? | may 11 | 12 P.M.

Bay Path University's MS in Leadership & Negotiation is the first master’s degree in the United States that combines these two critical areas in the people management arena. Often known as the ‘soft skills’ due to their relationship based focus, the knowledge, skills, and abilities related to leadership and negotiation are continually ranked by employers as some of the most valuable an employee can possess.

Graduates of this program will have developed an innovative and strategic mindset. In addition, they will have mastered these core skills:  
Problem-Solving • Interpersonal Communication • Assertiveness • Empathy • Emotional Intelligence • Persuasion & Influence • Managing Power Asymmetry •  Having Difficult Conversations • Dealing with Difficult People • Mutually Satisfying Outcomes 

Simply put, by the end of the program, you will have developed the confidence to handle any and all challenges that come your way.

Upon completion of the program, 66% OF GRADUATES HAVE been promoted, 75% have received a raise, 40% have received awards, and 20% have successfully transferred to a new line of work.

Bay Path's program has been ranked as one of the best online Master's in Negotiation and Conflict Management programs in the country! It was also voted the most accelerated program. 

Our program was also ranked as one of the top 20 Online Master's in Negotiation and Conflict Management programs.