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Students and Alumni Stories

Students and alumni talk about their experience in the program and how it has affected their lives.

Victoria Rodriguez '12 G’16 

“I developed a Leadership Toolkit that consisted of all leadership training and materials offered through my company as my Capstone Project for the MS in Organizational Leadership & Negotiation through Bay Path University. The Human Resources Director, who is in charge of leadership and development, and the Executive Director, were so impressed with the project, I was nominated and won Employee of the Quarter and was recruited to come work in the Human Resources department. The capstone project allowed my company to see how my newly developed leadership and negotiation skills were applicable to the work I do and could benefit the company’s success. I know for a fact, I would not have been promoted to this position without the knowledge and skills I learned through the Master’s Program in Leadership and Negotiation.” - Stephanie Williams G'20

"I’ve already applied the knowledge I learned in this program to negotiating for myself  for the first time ever at work, and even to negotiate for a new job entirely for the first time in 11 years. I finally felt empowered enough to branch out. In my position as a Risk Management Specialist, I have to regularly negotiate initiatives with department leaders based on my findings. I also hope to expand my role as I grow in the field to a program director, and the leadership skills I’m learning will be invaluable to helping me to manage and motivate people around me." - Sherice Rivas ’18 G’20

"This is the best faculty I've ever worked with. I have had more personal interaction with this faculty in just one year than I ever did in my previous eight years of college. We share emails, talk through problems and even meet up to get together outside of class. The knowledge they bring is second to none. They are incredibly supportive and make this online experience even better. " - Robert "Riv" Banspach G'20

"I decided on the MLN program due to the unique combination of leadership and negotiation. I had not seen anything like that offered before and I was intrigued. The MLN program helped me gain the confidence I needed to re-enter the work force. Even though the classes were all on-line I was able to communicate and build relationships with my classmates. I not only completed the program with a degree, but I made friendships that will last a lifetime. The Professors in the MLN program were of the highest quality. They were all experts in their respective fields. However, I was most impressed with their genuine concern and willingness to help. I would tell a potential student that the MLN program changed my life. The course work coupled with the support from faculty helped me achieve personal goals that I never thought were possible. I am a completely different person today than I was when I began the program."- Elise Carrier G'18

"The MLN program has enhanced my confidence and showed me my own capabilities. I had room to grow and this program was the right place to do it! I would tell a potential student looking into the program to JUST DO IT! My expectations have been greatly exceeded in every direction. And the faculty...they are fantastic! They care about the quality of your work and want to see you excel and become a better person by the end of this degree." - Amanda Thibedeau G'19 

"I was reluctant to embark on a completely virtual master's degree, but I have since found that I am more connected to both the program and my peers through this platform. I have the ability to access and connect with our cohort from just about anywhere, at any time. I have found our professors to be extremely helpful when trying to resolve challenges and very supportive throughout the process of staying connected." - Carolyn Cricco G'19 

"This program has reinvented me into a wiser woman and has challenged me to step back and ask better questions with a different perceptive. The program presents theories and concepts that intersect with every day issues and challenges. Professor Weiss coaches us to use varied perceptions and a multitude of approaches to address difficult problems.” - Roz White G'16 

"I found the program challenging, inviting and well rounded. The readings were fascinating and I sometimes hear from my classmates that they’ve gone back to re-read their favorites over and over again, finding something new each time. I too have gone back to find examples and wisdom in my books but the program is not all about the reading, it’s about challenging us to put what we’ve learned into action. Even small steps forward are examples of success that can be linked to this program and the chance it gave us to explore ways to become better leaders and negotiators.” - Terry Ott G'16