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Graduate Housing Information

Please note: Housing on campus is for women only.

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Wright Hall – Graduate Housing 

Graduate housing is available on the Longmeadow campus for students who are taking classes either on ground or online. Graduate students entering housing are offered a twelve month contract (beginning with each students individual start date), with the ability to opt out at any time throughout their studies.

Our graduate community includes two television lounges, laundry, two fully equipped kitchens (plus snack and beverage vending machines), and air conditioning. This is a small community of twelve students, to be assigned on a first come first serve basis. Additional housing will be offered to graduate students within our undergraduate community.

Housing Cost:

Double occupancy - $6,400/12 months (billed $3,200 per semester) - excludes meal plan
Single occupancy - $9,200/12 months (billed $4,600 per semester) - excludes meal plan

Optional meal plans are available! 

Why choose on-campus housing?

  • Safe housing
  • Free laundry!
  • Free WiFi & cable television!
  • More convenient access to the campus fitness center
  • Access to a fully equipped kitchen in residence hall