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Counseling Via Text, Phone, or Video

The mental health of our students is of critical importance to the Bay Path community, and we strive to have an inclusive and stigma-free campus.

The University has partnered with Uwill, a leading mental health platform for colleges and universities. This service will provide free teletherapy for all undergraduate and graduate students, regardless of their location. Psychiatric evaluation for medication management will also be available.

We understand that students may face a variety of mental health concerns, including depression, stress, relationship problems, family concerns, academic performance difficulties, sleep disturbance, social isolation/loneliness, and adjustment to a new environment, among others. 

Students can now access a licensed counselor via phone, video call, or text without the hassle of waitlists, referral processes, or insurance complexities. Once a student selects a counselor that best fits their needs and preferences, support is available to them within 24 hours. Students will no longer have to wait for an appointment opening or walk across campus and enter a physical mental health counseling center. Sessions will be as formal or as casual as the student prefers, and counselors are available weeknights, weekends and during school breaks – all through the push of a button. 

Create your student profile and
schedule an appointment with a virtual counselor.

At Bay Path, we believe in whole-student support and supporting each and every aspect of our student’s well-being. For more information, please visit Uwill's website or contact the Bay Path Health Services office at