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Communications - Main Campus

Bachelor of Art in Communications

Communications is one of the most transferable degrees. You can use it in most every industry from technology to biochemistry and from psychology and education. 

Students focus on how people use messages to generate meaning within and across all kinds of contexts, cultures, channels, and media. Students will get a great three-dimensional learning experience from practicing professionals, communication scholars, and business leaders.

Student will learn about: 

  • Mass Communication and Media: Students will research and analyze mass media as a system of interrelated forces, including historical foundations, technological advances, economic dynamics, regulatory constraints, and ethical concerns. They will apply the concepts of social and legal regulation as they evaluate the use of existing and emerging communicative materials.
  • Interpersonal Communication and Culture: Students will be able to use communication theory to analyze and evaluate individual, group, and mass media messages. They will evaluate the complex relationship between communication/media theories and then use their creative skills to develop a diverse set of individual, social, and professional practices.
  • Organizational Communication/Public Relations: Students will be able to apply, one or more communication research methods to address a range of media texts and audiences, production and technological practices, and relevant social issues.
  • Media, Technology and Social Communication: Students will be able to create communicative materials that incorporate communication theory, audience analysis, and persuasive strategies. They will also demonstrate proficiency in one or more professional media writing or broadcast applications.