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Accounting On Ground Weekdays

Bachelor of Science in Business

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) summarized it best, "Accounting: The One Degree with 360 Degrees of Possibilities."

A degree in Accounting gives you the means to prosper in just about any field in the business world. Accounting opens career paths in every kind of business through-out the country and abroad. Accounting is defined as the ‘Language of Business’ and this language is used by every large and small business and organization. Whether your career path in accounting leads to financial planning, financial reporting, analysis of financial performance, tax reporting, budgeting, managing accounting systems, regulatory compliance, external or internal auditing, and/or strategic planning does not matter because all businesses use accounting information. As the saying goes, ‘The sky is the limit.’ The demand for accountants continues to grow while the industry appears to be in short supply.

The Accounting Program here at Bay Path is intended for students who want to enter the accounting profession and/or pursue graduate study in accounting. In addition to a solid fundamental business perspective and a broad liberal arts synopsis, the curriculum provides students with a comprehensive accounting foundation. Our accounting foundation includes but is not limited to, studying financial and managerial assessments that directly link to relationships amongst business activity, financial outcomes, and evaluation of business performance.

The skills and knowledge developed in the Accounting major equip students with tools for intellectual analysis, planning, control, and decision making. In addition to technical expertise; students develop listening, oral and written presentation, leadership and career preparedness skills.

Our Accounting Program is unique in that we have small classroom sizes which allows us the opportunity to know our students personally. Our faculty have all work in the Accounting industry and bring authentic accounting experiences to the class room. We pride ourselves on taking the time necessary to ensure our Accounting students obtain additional ‘hands on’ support when she is wrestling with an Accounting theory.

We are ‘Small’ but ‘Bold and Sound!'

Accelerated Degree Options:

  • 3-Year Bachelor's Degree. Students with a record of strong academic achievement and a desire to fast track their education are encouraged to apply to the accelerated degree program. The program allows students to earn their degree in three years of year-round study, enabling them to save on tuition costs and enter the workforce sooner. Click here to learn more. 
  • 3+1 Bachelor's to Master's Degree. Students who enter the three year accelerated degree program and wish to obtain a graduate degree will be automatically accepted in Bay Path University’s Masters of Science in Professional Accounting. Known as our 3 +1 program, you can earn your bachelor's and master's degree in four years. Click here to learn more. 

At Bay Path you are not a number; you are an individual with the power to change the world. Each course has a different set of requirements. Some require you to work in teams of your peers to create a presentation, while other courses require you to think more creatively and come up with a unique solution to a problem. My courses prepared me greatly for my internship with a small CPA firm in Bloomfield, Connecticut. I learned the entire procedure of processing tax returns, established professional relationships, and gained useful work history." - Samantha, Accounting & Legal Studies Double Major

Internship and Employment Outcomes: 

  • Business Risk Partners Inc.
  • Chestnut Street Realty Partners
  • YMCA of Greater Springfield
  • Deloitte
  • KMPG
  • Meyers Brothers Kalicka, PC
  • Moriarty & Primack, PC
  • Wolf & Company, PC
  • S. Reichelt & Co, LLC CPA
  • Springfield Partners for Community Action