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Literacy Webinars

Expand your literacy expertise with our literacy experts.

Our webinars provide literacy content knowledge, research, resources, and evidence-based practices based on the science of reading.

Phonological and Phonemic Awareness: Strengthen the Foundation for Skilled Reading Sound awareness is a requisite skill for reading and spelling success. This webinar by Jodi Alatalo G'23, EdS, provides a framework for understanding the importance of supporting students in their development of this foundational skill. In this presentation, one will have an opportunity to learn about phonological and phonemic awareness, its application to sound-symbol correspondence, and develop an understanding of the vital role phonemic awareness plays in supporting students to become automatic word readers.

Vocabulary Instruction in the Classroom: An Essential Component to Reading Comprehension: In this webinar, Jill Pompi Ed.S. explains why vocabulary instruction is important, what words we should focus on, and what good vocabulary instruction looks like in the classroom. She addresses the need for explicit instruction and multiple practice opportunities in various contexts.

Executive Function Skills: What Is Their Relationship & What Can Be Done To Support Development? In this webinar, Sarah Letsky, MA, CCC-CLP, will discuss the three components of Executive Function skills, their relationship to literacy, and several strategies for supporting their development.