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Student Capstone Projects

In the Entrepreneurial Management Strategies, the capstone course (MBA690), students adopt the perspective of the entrepreneurial manager and analyze problems of managing businesses in today’s dynamic, and often disruptive, global market environment.

In this course students apply the knowledge developed in the program to analyze strategies such as product development, market development, and diversification and develop financial forecasts for each of these strategic options.

Students must make recommendations for strategic change considering first mover advantage, dominant designs, disruption, marketing mix, PESTEL, 5 Forces analysis, Blue Ocean differentiation analysis, and building balanced scorecards.

Below are some of the capstone topics that have been discussed.

2019 Beef Industry
How alternate sources of protein are becoming competitive (vegetable-based, insect, lab-grown) and potentially disruptive to the beef industry. What does the future of protein look like?  

Companies Analyzed: Vermont Cheeze Burger, Tyson Foods, Fast Food Industry, Beef Industry, Burger King and Beyond Meat

To give the students a sense of the different meats and also emerging meat substitutes, the on-campus MBA class tested the alternatives.

2018 Automotive Industry
How technology in automobiles will results in autonomous ride-sharing that will impact automobile manufacturing, car insurance, public transportation and even parking. What should automobile firms do?

Companies Analyzed: Ford, Uber, Fiat-Tata Alliance, Tesla

2017 Retail Industry
How big box "brick and mortar" is being challenged by growing eCommerce. How firms seek to find the balance in these two channels: what works and does not work in “bricks and mortar” and eCommerce?

Companies Analyzed: Walmart vs Amazon