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MBA Students and Alumni Stories

Our students and alumni talk about their experience in the program and how it has affected their lives.

"After completing my bachelor’s degree, I enrolled in Bay Path’s MBA program. The program is unique; it encompasses all aspects of business, not just having to choose one path. I learned how to run a business, understanding all of the components which make a business successful."  
Jennifer Remillard ’97 ’13 G’15 | Read her story
Owner,  Sassy Mama’s Delectable Cupcakes

While at Bay Path, her capstone project focused on efficient reuse of large retail spaces. The program also introduced her to local resources available for burgeoning business owners, including the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center. 
Alisa Garanzha G'17 | Read her story
Owner, Naismith’s Pub & Pretzel


“Bay Path gave me the tools and the confidence to just go for it, put together my business plan and then sell it.” That plan resulted in CoWork Springfield, the city’s first membership-based co-working space. 
Samalid Hogan G'12 | Read her story
Regional Director, Massachusetts Small Business Development Center, Western Regional Office

"The MBA program has been a great way to improve myself while still allowing me to focus on my career. It was great to find out that the Program Director, Mo Sattar, came from my employer to join Bay Path. This gave me confidence that the program was tailored for working professionals."
Gianfranco Barbato, G'16 | Watch his Story

"I graduated from Bay Path University’s One Day Program with my Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management, in May 2016. I knew at that time this is where I would return for my graduate degree." 
Krystal Grimes, '16, G'19



"As I was progressing in my career, I felt earning my MBA was a smart move for me. The flexibility of having a 100% online and accelerated program, that would only take me one year to complete, sealed the deal for me. I am proud to be a Bay Path alum and I am excited to earn another degree here." 
Katie Ferguson, '15, G'18

"Living in a rural Maine there is a struggle to find and/or reach out to learn from other professionals. My classmates in this program have become not only my teammates in group projects, but my support system for new ideas and push to become a better leader."
Ruby Bean, G'16

"The people in the program are very supportive; From the professors to your classmates everybody wants to see you succeed. My favorite class in the program was marketing. It opened a whole new set of doors that I didn’t even know existed in business."
Kara Gaskall, G'16

"If you are looking for an excellent MBA program where you can learn and grow by leaps and bounds and get a hands on learning experience, pick Bay Path. They provide so many options to make the experience as positive and flexible as possible so you can achieve your goals. I think the faulty at are extremely dedicated, but more importantly accessible, you will not get that at huge university. I felt completely supported, they go the extra distance to make sure you understand and don't give up. They were the best!" Renee Broadbent, G'18 

Nichole R. | “The Bay Path MBA program is focused on industry best practices and provides so much more than textbook instruction.”

Winsome D. | “I wanted a program that was competitive, offered both classroom and online learning, was structured for a full-time working individual, and provided a broad yet comprehensive overview of business management techniques and tools that would challenge, develop, and prepare me professionally and personally. Bay Path’s MBA offered all of these attributes.”

Rebecca S. | “You are not just a number. Personal attention. Lasting Friendships. Priceless education. Precious memories. Concrete leadership. This is how I describe my time at Bay Path.”

Michael F. | “Unlike some of the other MBA programs I researched, this program had a wide variety of courses and covered each department in a business. Also, my employer felt the program was an excellent fit for my career growth within the industry.”

Katelin S. | “The curriculum will help me be successful in both areas of my career, whether it is acquiring the necessary skills to run a small business or helping me stand out at a large corporation.”