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Spring Reopening Update

Student Learning Outcomes

"This program has helped me with my career goals. It helped me get an internship and the job I have now." - Lindsay Thompson G'18 Clinician, Behavioral Health Network

Graduates of the MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling are expected to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the major theories of counseling and psychotherapy as they relate to treatment and prevention modalities;
  • Articulate an understanding of development and how these experiences impact mental health;
  • Demonstrate appropriate critical thinking skills necessary for effectively analyzing personality differences and the reasons for such differences as related to abnormal, deviant or psychopathological behavior;
  • Appreciate issues related to culture, gender, sexual identity, the environment, and family, as they pertain to physical and psychological development;
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the field of psychology as it relates to helping clients recognize their unique potential;
  • Synthesize an understanding of group interactive processes and dynamics that will enhance good behavioral health and wellbeing for the group participants;
  • Analyze the challenges and stressors many families experience in balancing the demands of work and family life and mental illness;
  • Understand the impact that substance abuse has on the mental health of members of society;
  • Investigate the impact that bullying and coercive behavior has on mental health development;
  • Interpret assessment results for application and intervention purposes;
  • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of ethical and professional behavior within the psychology profession;
  • Illustrate an understanding of scientific and statistical principles that underlie psychological research, including the ability to measure the quality of such research;
  • Successfully complete a minimum of an approved 100 hour supervised practicum within an academic or clinical placement;
  • Successful completion of a minimum of an approved 600 hour supervised internship within an academic or clinical placement; and
  • Display a mastery of oral and written communication and presentation skills in accordance with established professional guidelines, utilizing APA format