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Coordination with Law Enforcement

The University encourages Complainants to pursue criminal action for incidents of sexual misconduct that may also be crimes under Massachusetts law. In every case of sexual violence, the University, through the Head of Campus Public Safety, will notify the Longmeadow Police Department of the allegations. The University will also assist a Complainant in making a criminal report and will cooperate with law enforcement agencies if a Complainant decides to pursue the criminal process to the extent permitted by law. However, a Complainant may also choose not to pursue criminal action, and under most circumstances, the Longmeadow Police Department will not force a Complainant to pursue charges if he/she/they are not willing to do so.

The University’s policy, definitions and burden of proof may differ from Massachusetts criminal law. A Complainant may seek resolution through the University’s complaint process, may pursue criminal action, may choose one but not the other, or may choose both. Neither law enforcement’s determination whether or not to prosecute a Respondent, nor the outcome of any criminal prosecution, are determinative of whether sexual misconduct under this policy has occurred. Proceedings under the University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy may be carried out prior to, simultaneously with, or following civil or criminal proceedings off-campus.