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Report an Incident of Sexual Misconduct

Individuals who wish to alert the University about an incident of sexual misconduct may do so in a variety of ways. The decision to file a formal report is not easily reached, and can be an overwhelming prospect for those affected by sexual misconduct. Formal reports must be filed with the Title IX Coordinator Peter Testori, 413.565.1058,

The University has created an online anonymous reporting option to make the process easier for students and employees who may wish to file a form report. On the Report an Incident page, individuals may note the difference between filing a report with Campus Public Safety, (to Bay Path directly) and with the Longmeadow Police Department. Once an individual has decided with whom they would like to make a report, a report may be easily completed online.

Who to Report To:

There are many individuals and resources available on campus that students and employees may report an incident of sexual misconduct to. Individuals may file a formal report documenting an incident with:

  • The Title IX Coordinator
    Peter Testori, EdD
    Phone: 413.565.1058
  • The Title IX Assistant Coordinator
    Heather Gould, EdD
    Phone: 413.565.1298
  • Campus Public Safety
    Phone: 413.565.1225
  • Longmeadow Police Department
    Phone: 911

The University is committed to responding to all reports of sexual misconduct in a timely and effective manner. The timeframe of when an individual should file a report of sexual misconduct is not limited in any way, however it is important to note that as time passes, it becomes more difficult to find crucial evidence. In light of this, all investigations of sexual misconduct are to be thorough yet efficient, with a resolution that is reasonable given the situation.

I Made a Report - Now What?

Filing a report is an important first step towards addressing an incident of sexual misconduct. The University acknowledges that it may be difficult to come forward; but, there are resources to assist in the process, beginning with the Title IX Coordinator or Assistant Coordinator. 

Interim Measures/Remedial Action

Upon receipt of a report, the University may implement initial responsive or protective actions while an inquiry or investigation are underway. Interim measures/Remedial actions may include no-contact orders, providing a campus escort, academic or work schedule adjustments, referral to counseling or medical services, on-campus housing accommodations, and safety planning. The University will maintain as confidential any accommodations or protective measures, provided confidentiality does not impair the University’s ability to provide accommodations or protective measures.

Inquiry, Investigation, Resolution

The University will address all reports of possible violations of the Sexual Misconduct and Civil Rights Policy. A complete overview of the process can be found in the University Policy.