Bashevkin Center for Academic Excellence

The Bashevkin Center for Academic Excellence provides free, on-going tutoring services to Bay Path University students. Located in Catok Art Center, all tutoring of is provided on a drop-in basis and the Center offers:

  • Professional tutors who will work you in the areas of math and writing.
  • Peer tutors who will work with you individually to improve your understanding of a wide range of subjects, including math, writing, statistics, chemistry and physics. Peer tutors are fellow undergraduates who have been recommended to work at the Center by faculty.
  • Workshops that will teach you how to develop effective study strategies, write a thesis, or manage your time more efficiently.
  • Handouts on a wide range of writing and learning strategies.
  • Computers for working on papers, online assignments, and for use with adaptive equipment.
  • The University encourages you to seek help as early in the semester as possible. By taking advantage of our tutoring services, you’ll receive the most out of your academic experience.

Tutors can be reached in the Center directly at 413.565.1214 when they are working. If you have academic questions or concerns or would like to request a tutor in a different subject area call the Center at 413.565.1214.

Currents students may access the Bashevkin Center For Academic Excellence web site by logging on to My Bay Path Portal.

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