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Academic Learners & Leaders Initiative (A.L.L.I.)

From academics to personal connections, A.L.L.I. offers incoming students a smoother transition into college.

Our uniquely designed three and one-half week, Academic Learners and Leaders Initiative (A.L.L.I.), bridges the gap between high school and college.

For many students like Prianka Naha ’18 and Carla Verdejo ’19, the transition from high school to college can be daunting, especially when it comes time to take their first college math class. It’s a common struggle that many women deal with that sparked the development of Bay Path’s summer bridge program, A.L.L.I..

Jemi Kuberski, Director of Student Academic Support Services, launched A.L.L.I. in 2013 with Title III grant funding as part of the “Learners and Leaders Project.” That first year was a small pilot of five students. The program is continuing to expand, this past year attracting 19 students with majors spanning psychology, science, business, criminal justice, forensic studies, and education. First generation students make up 37% of the participating group, and 52% are diverse.

A.L.L.I. is designed to bridge the gap between high school and college through an expanded and revitalized orientation that includes academic coursework, enrichment activities, and relationship-building with faculty, staff, and other students.” – Jemi Kuberski

Program Highlights:

  • Curriculum designed to meet students where they are in terms of their academic abilities.
  • Challenging and rigorous schedule to mirror a day in the life of a college student including enrichment activities and homework.
  • Lessons on educational tools such as the iPad, MyMathLab, and the University’s course management system (Canvas).
  • Introductions to the staff from the following areas: Career Services, Multicultural Affairs, Health and Wellness, and the Library.
  • Daily participation in various wellness activities including fitness, yoga, stress management, and meditation.

Students are encouraged to engage with mathematics with the support of an instructor, math coach, and peer tutors. Practicing the art of asking for help combined with small successes each day empowers and motivates students to push through the material. Students find confidence in their mathematics abilities as they take part in this significant learning experience. They not only develop the math skills needed for their first semester, but practice self-reflection and discovery along the way.

The mathematics curriculum chosen for the A.L.L.I. program is identical to the curriculum for the University’s developmental math course. Completing the A.L.L.I. course strengthens the students’ math skills and gives them the opportunity to move into the first math course required by their majors.

It’s not just a math program. A.L.L.I. prepares you for a great college experience.” – Prianka Naha ’18

Additional Benefits:

  • Get acclimated to campus early
  • Become familiar with the iPad and MyMathLab before classes begin
  • Get a head start by taking a college-level math course before the semester starts
  • Go into your first college-level math course confident with improved problem-solving and analytical skills

I enjoyed improving my math skills, meeting new people, creating lifelong bonds, and getting a head start into the college experience. I feel accomplished, ready, and happy.”