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Operations Management

Learn to manage and direct people, resources and processes. Major in Operations Management while earning your Bachelor of Science in Business.

Why Operations Management at The American Women's College?

Effective businesses and organizations create hundreds of processes that directly affect the bottom line. Operations Management professionals create and monitor those processes to ensure clients, customers, and businesses receive the information, services, and products they need.

Operations managers organize people, things, and information in ways that streamline processes to save businesses time and money. You’ll learn about every step that goes into developing an outstanding product or service, and how to make each step efficient and as beneficial to the organization as possible.

As an Operations Management major, you will:

  • Study project and quality management, operations planning and scheduling, supply chain management and service operations.
  • Become proficient in computer-based tools including spreadsheets, project management software and enterprise resource planning systems.
  • Develop the analytical and problem-solving skills necessary for the smooth operation of a business.

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