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Liberal Studies - Main Campus

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies

The goal of the Liberal Studies program is to prepare critical thinkers, articulate communicators, and effective problem-solvers, ready to enter a variety of career paths or proceed to graduate level study upon completion of their undergraduate studies.

The degree is designed to prepare students for the work force or further study at the graduate level. The versatility of this major makes it a popular one at Bay Path. 

Liberal Studies majors are well prepared to enter a variety of professional careers in which versatile critical thinking, writing, and leadership skills are required.

Liberal Studies also provides excellent preparation for moving on to graduate school programs in areas as diverse as art, business, English, history, psychology, and many more. Liberal Studies majors work with their faculty advisors to plan their own unique academic paths through the college experience. They are encouraged to delve into a variety of disciplines. 

My professors are very helpful and, even if they disagree with me on a subject matter, are respectful of my viewpoints. The History and English professors have a plethora of knowledge and make learning interesting, exciting, entertaining, and challenging. Bay Path encourages me to think about what I’m learning, and the significance that my education will have on the world." - Aleksandra, Liberal Studies Major