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Strategic Human Resource Management

Ready for a career where you play a critical role in helping an organization and its people work effectively? Major in Strategic Human Resource Management while earning your Bachelor of Science in Business.

Why Strategic Human Resource Management at Bay Path University?

Strategic Human Resource Management majors study the fundamentals of human resources to learn how to effectively manage and coordinate the employees of a business or organization.

To succeed in this field, you must have confidence and strong communication and analytical skills.  The two “O’s” are also important—objectivity and organization.  As a human resource professional, your tasks could include recruiting and hiring, compensation and benefits, policies, mediation, and training.

 As a Human Resource Management major, you will:

  • Study all aspects of human resources, including talent acquisition, compensation, benefits, policy, trends and employment law
  • Explore the role of human resources within various types of organizations
  • Gain skills in planning, decision-making, organizing, staffing, communication, motivation and leadership
  • Take classes in a variety of disciplines, including business, economics, law and accounting
  • Use case studies and research to examine practical applications of theories and concepts
  • Have the opportunity to complete an internship at a small business or multinational corporation

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To Begin Classes In November 2019!

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