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Julia DeRidder '23

Within each of our Bay Path community members is an inspirational story of perseverance and strength, and we are honored to share them. This narrative originally appeared on social media as part of Bay Path's #MyPath.

"I like to think I started and ended my education at Bay Path... unless I go to graduate school. I went to Bay Path's preschool, which isn't running anymore. I considered other colleges, but I wanted to commute and save money. Bay Path was the closest to me, and I liked the small atmosphere. 

"I was an exploratory major in my first year. I didn't subscribe to the idea of figuring out what I wanted to do at 19 years old. I took core classes and talked to my advisor about my options. I love to read and write. I wrote poetry and short stories in high school. So, we figured that the professional writing program was a natural fit for my skills. 

"As an intern at Bellastoria Press, I have learned a lot about the publishing industry from the inside out. It's not a paid internship, but I was lucky enough to get funding through Bay Path's internship grant. 

"I'm also the editor of the Network News, Bay Path's student magazine. I started submitting articles in 2020. I still write articles because I can't help myself, but I also manage projects and edit the entire magazine. It's a lot of work, but I enjoy it.

"When I entered college, I was in a different space. I was nervous because I had an untraditional high school experience. I wondered, 'Do I deserve to be here?' Being a part of the Network News made me be more active on campus and talk to people. I realized I didn't have to sit at home, and the world wouldn't end if I put myself out there.

"The Network News has also helped me realize I don't want to be a journalist. I prefer the editorial side rather than interviewing people. I'm hoping to work in the publishing industry eventually. But who knows? I could become a librarian or write a book. I have a few different paths I could take, and I want to pick one that is the most realistic but that I'm passionate about." -  Julia DeRidder '23 #MyPath

See some of Julia’s work in the latest edition of Network News


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