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List of Endowed Scholarships

If you have questions or are interested in establishing an endowed scholarship, please contact Kathy Cotnoir ( or 413-847-1330).

The Antonacci Family Endowed Scholarship Fund for Business Students
Bank of Western Massachusetts Endowed Scholarship Fund
Claire F. Barber '61 and Justin W. Barber Memorial Scholarship
Berkshire Bank Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Mary Wielkiewicz Besko '46 Endowed Scholarship
Frank Stanley Beveridge Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund in memory of Evelyn        Beveridge Caswell Russell
Helen D. Blake Scholarship
S. Prestley Blake Scholarship
Bold Women's Scholarship
The Bolduc Family Scholarship
Ernestine Chouinard Booth '44 and Albert E. Booth III Endowed Scholarship
R. Milton Boyce '31 Endowed Scholarship Fund
M. Constance Breck Scholarship
Paula Rowse Buonomo ’71 and James R. Buonomo Scholarship
The Mollie Jean Carr Endowed Scholarship Fund 
Marcia H. Conrad Scholarship
The Continuing Education Scholarship fund
Eva M. Coty '26 Scholarship
The John and Robyn Davis Endowed Scholarship Fund for One-Day-A-Week Students
D'Amour Family Scholarship
Elizabeth Dorrance Memorial Scholarship
Benjamin Dorskind Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Driscoll Family Scholarship Endowment
Maurice L. Farrell Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Anne C. Fitzgerald '65 Endowed Scholarship
The Fontaine Family Scholarship
The Allison Gare Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jean Los Gual '53 Endowed Scholarship
The Maria Murphy Hall '49 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Ann B. Hammer '62 '13 Endowed Scholarship for Adult Women
Hearst Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Barbara Brodeur Hill '57 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Maximillian E. and Marion O. Hoffman Foundation Endowed Scholarship Fund
Beverly A. Holmes Scholarship Endowment
The Florence L. Hoyt Endowed Scholarship
The Rose Ananian Kalajian '35 and Robert Proodian '35 Endowed Scholarship Fund
Dr. George F. Kalf Endowed Scholarship
The Jeanne Williams Kalf  '51 Endowed Scholarship
Thea Elizabeth Katsounakis '70 Endowed Scholarship
The Louise McGuire Kursmark '76 Endowed Scholarship
The Carol A. Leary Endowed Scholarship for First-Generation College Students
The Craig W. and Kathleen Shaugnessy Low Endowed Scholarship Fund
John N. Macrae Memorial Scholarship
The Rita McInnis Graham Endowed Scholarship Fund
Juliette A. Mercier Memorial Scholarship Fund
The Frederick Molyneux Endowed Scholarship for One-Day Students
Anne E. Murray Endowed Scholarship
The Victoria Malko Neetz '39 and Roger Neetz Endowed Scholarship Fund
Nespor Family Endowed Fund for Scholarships and Books
Paul Norton Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Venessa O'Brien Scholarship
The Charles Page Endowed Scholarship
The Jeanne Renzulli Paparazzo '64 Endowed Scholarship
PeoplesBank Scholarship Fund
Anabella Villalobos/Petit Family Foundation Scholarship
Pride Stations & Stores Scholarship Endowment
Professor Joseph R. Racine '23 Scholarship
Mildred Boivin and E. J. Rader Scholarship
The Karen Hug Reif  '76 Endowed Scholarship Fund for Business
Joel and Lorraine Festa Roseman '65 Scholarship Fund
The Dan and Jane '89 Roulier Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Roulier Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Barbara & James Sadowsky Family Scholarship
The Gloria Smith Endowed Scholarship Fund for One-Day Students
The Henry S. & Ann S. Stern Scholarship Fund
Gladys & Robert M. Sullivan '41 Scholarship Endowment
The Elizabeth Phillips Sweeney '39 Scholarship
Barbara Jean Trikakis Memorial Scholarship
The Ruth McLoughlin Vignati '62 Endowed Scholarship Fund
The Lydia Bedini Voorhees '42 Endowed Scholarship
Mack F. Wallace Endowed Scholarship 
Nancy J. Whitten '59 Endowed Scholarship for One-Day Women
The Roberta Campbell Wilson '62 Carpe Diem Endowed Scholarship Fund
Merrie and Lyman Wood Scholarship Endowment
Wright Performing Arts Scholarship

Please note that all endowed scholarships have been created within the context of the Bay Path University mission and are therefore intended for Bay Path students. Scholarships are awarded to students who meet the fund's criteria as determined by the donor, and the Office of Financial Aid.