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Women Business Leaders Hall of Fame

Congratulations to the Class of 2024 Amy Purdy and Cynthia Simison

The Twenty-First Century Women Business Leaders Hall of Fame concept at Bay Path University was originally conceived as a way to encourage and motivate students, especially those in the business curriculum, by profiling inspiring businesswomen in a virtual hall of fame for our students to emulate.

The criteria for nomination to this virtual hall of fame came about through a class project in the spring of 2004 , whereby Bay Path business students contacted female senior executives at Fortune 500 companies via email and asked them for their thinking on the subject. After compiling the responses, seven key characteristics appeared repeatedly. These characteristics, listed below, now form the basis for nomination to Bay Path’s Twenty-First Century Women Business Leaders Hall of Fame.

Nominees for Bay Path’s new Twenty-First Century Women Business Leaders Hall of Fame will possess the following characteristics:

  • Takes risks and assumes responsibility;
  • Possesses an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit; Maintains an optimistic attitude that creates a positive workplace;
  • Adheres to a collaborative management style that fosters teamwork as well as individual excellence;
  • Serves as a mentor to others;
  • Incorporates integrity, accountability and a strong sense of business ethics in her day-to-day management style, and;
  • Values education as a way to learn new ideas, improve communication and remain curious and open-minded.