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Leadership & Organizational Studies Online

Leadership and Organizational Studies at The American Women's CollegeBachelor of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Studies

The Bachelor of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Studies (LOS) makes it possible for women with work experience and demanding lives to finish their Bachelor’s degree in as little as 12 months. This high quality program brings professional women from across the region and around the United States together to make a difference for each other, their communities, and their organizations.The LOS program provides the curriculum flexibility to complete the degree within one full year. The degree is for those individuals wanting more than just a managerial degree or skill set. With this degree students are prepared to be leaders who are skilled at handling the human aspect of an organization. Graduates of the LOS program have the knowledge to be effective leaders who know how to motivate others and how to implement change. Because people are involved in every type of organization, at various levels, careers can be established with this degree in a variety of roles and settings. This program provides students with skills that when mastered are universally prized and desired.

LOS Program Outcomes:

Design change interventions and change management strategies.
Demonstrate change agent competencies in the areas of systems thinking analytic data collection and research, consultation skills, project management, and strategic planning.
Optimize their communications skills as confident and compelling leaders.
Effectively lead organizational change by leveraging resources.
Negotiate conflict resolution and implement innovative solutions to achieve progress.
Capitalize on technology as a driving force for communications and change.
Be able to identify sources of data within organizations and methods of collecting, evaluating, and using data.
Be able to perform data analysis using both qualitative and quantitative data.