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Justice Studied Degree Program

A marketable alternative to the traditional criminal justice degree!

Why Justice Studies at Bay Path University?

Generational and demographic shifts, technological breakthroughs, employment and income inequality, environmental concerns, resource limitations and international and domestic terrorism are major factors impacting communities and institutions in this country and throughout the world. Law enforcement agencies and other public safety programs need graduates with broad interdisciplinary perspectives on our rapidly changing world, with exceptional problem-solving, leadership and communications skills, and the ability to build strong coalitions of people of diverse backgrounds and common interests.

The program offers students the preparation they need to understand and address the challenges faced by public safety, law enforcement, and other public service professional in their communities, their home states, and throughout the nation and the world.

We offer 3 majors within our Justice Studies program: 

  • Justice & Forensics Studies
  • Public Safety & Justice
  • Rehabilitation, Advocacy & Justice