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Student Stories

Students and alumni talk about their experience in the program and how it has affected their lives.


I was reluctant to embark on a completely virtual master's degree, but I have since found that I am more connected to both the program and my peers through this platform. I have the ability to access and connect with our cohort from just about anywhere, at any time. I have found our professors to be extremely helpful when trying to resolve challenges and very supportive throughout the process of staying connected." Carolyn Cricco, G'19

roz leadership and negotiation This program has reinvented me into a wiser woman and has challenged me to step back and ask better questions with a different perceptive. The program presents theories and concepts that intersect with every day issues and challenges. Professor Weiss coaches us to use varied perceptions and a multitude of approaches to address difficult problems.” 
Roz White, G'16

I found the program challenging, inviting and well rounded. The readings were fascinating and I sometimes hear from my classmates that they’ve gone back to re-read their favorites over and over again, finding something new each time. I too have gone back to find examples and wisdom in my books but the program is not all about the reading, it’s about challenging us to put what we’ve learned into action. Even small steps forward are examples of success that can be linked to this program and the chance it gave us to explore ways to become better leaders and negotiators.” 
Terry Ott, G'16