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Students and Alumni Stories

Our students and alumni talk about their experience in the program and how it has affected their lives.

"It's both the higher education and the leadership end of things that really made me passionate about being a part of this program."
- Jill Motyka G'22 
Enrollment Counselor at Colorado State University Global Campus

"I want to be a change agent and have an impact on higher education."
- Jennifer McNeill G'22 
Adjunct Professor at Asnuntuck Community College

"Leadership development is a lifelong learning process. The HELOS program has offered me the opportunity to continue my leadership journey by encouraging me to define my personalized leadership vision. As a result, I have become a self-aware and reflective leader equipped with the skills to lead from a place of authenticity."
- Elise Carrier G'22 
Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions at Bay Path University

“I am trying to be a leader and take on new responsibilities. I think that this program, in particular, is going to provide me with the opportunity to reflect and really look at myself, my strengths and weaknesses, and how I can grow to become a better leader.”  - Revathi O'Neal G'22 
Associate Registrar for Curriculum Management at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

"Between the support systems, professors, classmates, and courses, I really felt like Bay Path was a positive experience. This program will prepare me to take on a role in senior administration despite challenging times for higher education."
- Darin Pfeifer G'22 
Associate Vice President of Administration and Protocol; University Secretary

"I think the idea of what we are is bigger than the just the work. It's about the engagement and the process."
- Angie Cooksy G'22 
Director of Undergraduate Admission at Bradley University

"I enrolled in this program to not only receive a doctorate degree but to also learn more about myself and my leadership abilities. I am excited to be a part of this first cohort."
- Meir Perry G'22 
Special Programs Coordinator at Bunker Hill Community College

"Being able to come up with innovative solutions that help my institution is something of which I want to be at the forefront."
- Joel Johnson G'22 
Assistant Director of Admissions at Valparaiso University

"I ultimately choose the HELOS program because of its unique vision for its students in Higher Education and its capacity to transcend how we speak about the field of education. I also was intrigued by the HELOS faculty and staff's professional experience and development."
- Jacqueline Johnson G'22 
Chief Operations Officer at Caring Health Center