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Massachusetts Reading Specialist Licensure Program Certificate

Bay Path University's Massachusetts Reading Specialist Licensure (25 credits) provides students with evidence-based practices in curriculum, instruction, and assessment for general and specialized education for grades Prek-12. Our program focuses on learning experiences that combine cognitive, neuroscientific, and educational research. These experiences help students build capacity to meet the diverse needs of learners across settings. We focus on the science of reading so candidates learn structured literacy skills and direct, explicit, systematic, cumulative, diagnostic, and multi-modal. Online instruction-led learning experiences include frequent collaboration, guided inquiry, and deliberate practice.

Bay Path's Reading Specialist Licensure Certificate: 

  • Provides Massachusetts a Second Initial licensure as a Reading Specialist (All Levels)
  • Provides deep preparation in the structure of language, including the speech sound system, the writing system, the structure of sentences, the meaningful parts of words, meaning relationships among words and their referents, and the organization of spoken and written discourse.
  • Provides content area knowledge for phonology, phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, morphology, semantics, comprehension, oral language, spelling, orthography, writing, literacy planning, and assessment.
  • Provides skills to analyze and synthesize educational research to determine what research is valid or not valid.
  • Provides assessment and instructional planning for students with specific learning disabilities, including dyslexia, related disorders of reading and written language, and for second language learners

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