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Digital Transformation Certificate

This certificate is not currently being offered.

Bay Path University’s Graduate Certificate in Digital Transformation focuses on the nature and scope of Dx technology and its use to streamline workflows and optimize overall organization effectiveness. Students will gain a historical perspective on large-scale change driven by technological advances. They will become acquainted with a range of Dx tools through hands-on training, both with an introduction to the technical issues, as well as the deployment of these tools to create value for organizations. Students will also learn how to plan and implement Dx in their organization, becoming acquainted with current best practices.

Students who enroll will gain an understanding of the far-reaching implications of Digital Transformation for industrial and social change. Students will be conversant in the tools of Dx: the cloud, AI (ChatGPT), internet of things, big data, augmented reality, blockchain, and cybersecurity. Graduates of the Digital Transformation Certificate programs will understand the best practices in implementing Dx in an organization. Upon completion, graduates will understand why the world of work will never be the same, how it will change, and how industries are approaching digital transformation at this time.

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