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Learn more about Bay Path University's MS in Cybersecurity degree program concentrations

Cyber Defense

Learn best practices for Identifying malicious activities and attacks and developing appropriate responses for common incidents.  Carry out incident response activities and support cyber-crime investigations.  Develop ethical hacking skills and apply these as countermeasures to system intrusions and data breaches.  Plan, implement and maintain security measures and controls to protect critical information assets. Implement best in class security defense technologies. Perform information security risk assessment, identify potential threats, and develop threat mitigation strategies. Analyze and evaluate emerging cybersecurity risks and solutions with creative, critical thinking and inquiry.

Digital Forensics

Develop and expand your skills and abilities in digital forensics. Utilize best-in-class forensic software that is used extensively by law enforcement, government agencies and corporations. Understand the chain-of-custody lifecycle as it must be applied to the entire investigation process. Recover data thought to be destroyed. Classify risks, identify and categorize vulnerabilities and recommend mitigation and remediation strategies that are effective in criminal and civil digital investigations in both the public and private sectors.

The concentration in digital forensics helps you master reliable methods to identify, preserve, secure, analyze and present digital evidence for legal prosecution, administrative proceedings, and business purposes.


Effectively tailor your cybersecurity journey with additional courses in cybersecurity, Data Science, or with our MBA courses that will best suit your career goals.  The generalist concentration is intended to help one obtain a strong foundational understanding of computer network infrastructure, vulnerabilities, exploitations, security management, risk, and cybercrime prevention. 

For curriculum and schedules, visit our online catalog. 

Please visit the MS in Cybersecurity program page to learn about the two tracks, curriculum, faculty, program options, and more!