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Creative Nonfiction Writing MFA Student Learning Outcomes

The MFA in Creative Nonfiction focuses on skills in writing, editing, literary analysis, and group feedback and critique; and on the knowledge of current trends in publishing and teaching. Students will:

  • Develop and hone skills in writing, editing, and revision in creative nonfiction
  • Recognize and write within literary genres of creative nonfiction including specific emphases on women’s stories, travel and food, and spiritual nourishment
  • Demonstrate a good reading knowledge of classic and contemporary nonfiction literature and how the student’s own work fits within that literary tradition.
  • Analyze and write with care about literary texts of considerable difficulty
  • Recognize critical positions and literary arguments, including the student’s own critical and aesthetic position
  • Demonstrate the ability to read and respond thoughtfully and critically to work by other MFA students
  • Demonstrate knowledge of how to perform effectively in the online classroom setting
  • Demonstrate understanding of the theory and practice of literary publishing, including the practice of submitting work to literary journals and/or publishing houses