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Exam Preparation

Students enrolled in an ABA Program at Bay Path University often pursue credentialing upon graduation; as credentialing in ABA requires successful completion of high-stakes examinations, intensive preparation is critical.

The ABA Program at Bay Path provides the following supports to all students:

Instructor-led study sessions: For students enrolled in the ABA program, instructor-led review sessions are offered on line (using canvas conferencing feature) and on site continuously through the academic year, on average 3 times weekly. These reviews supplement classroom instruction and individualized sessions with supervisors. They cover a range of topics individually selected based on on-going student performance data or topics individually requested by students. Reviews include clarification of concepts, completion of practice exam questions, and review of related literature. High rates of active student responding during review sessions build skill acquisition and fluency. Sessions are offered weeknights and weekend mornings, to accommodate varying student schedules, are free of charge to ABA students, and allow students to continually monitor their own progress as well as to practice generalized responding.

Intensive Reviews: Prior to high-stakes exams, intensive 3-day reviews are held at each of our program sites, providing a comprehensive overview of all curricular areas, mock exams, probe exams, and a review of exam-taking strategies. Currently, the program contracts with Orlando Behavior Health ( to provide this intensive review for students enrolled at Bay Path University; this review is offered free of charge on-site at Bay Path University for students enrolled in the ABA program.

To access BACB® university pass rate data information, click on this link.